im not one for the desert. the light on this morning proved me otherwise.

hot and bothered.

i just just returned from phoenix. it was the most interesting experience. for such a large city, nobody was there. everyone felt absent. vacant streets. probably from the heat. god knows why anyone would want to be outside in that. unless its next to a pool.


this is the first thing i found with my new toy. the Fujifilm X-Pro2. 

psychic on colorado blvd. 

a day on broadway.

downtown los angeles is quite the place to get lost on foot. biked into town for an errand. it all started on broadway. just a little of what i saw that day. 


capturing this hobby of today with the new Fujifilm X-Pro2 digital. i'm not sure why I spend so much time away from the process.  this was the hook for it all. trusting yourself. letting go of immediacy. releasing recent digital habits. it really hones me back in. 


beginning a new phase. funny how people we know can be inspiring after a lull. radical behavior warrants a reaction, sometimes so subtle you can't even see it. sometimes it's exactly what you imagined. personality is always the root of a portrait. guess it takes a few personalities i love dearly to remind me what it means to be behind the wheel.